Online Direct Response Tips

Here are some tips for your  online direct response campaign


1.Internet success depends not as much on what you do online, but on what you do offline! Look at it this way. Having a website is just like having an unlisted telephone number. It’s nice to have available. But unless you drive people to it, no one will know about it or use it. According to the Wall Street Journal, there are over 600,000,000 websites. You must compete with them to get any attention. Clearly, you need to have an effective marketing program both online and offline with Google ads,
e-mails, print ads, direct mail, T.V. or radio to help attract people to your website.
2. Engage a computer literate graphics person with Internet and direct marketing experience to design your website. Keep it as simple and user friendly as possible. But do not allow the designer to write the copy. Prepare it yourself. Or hire a copywriter experienced in direct marketing. Most websites are filled with incredibly boring copy and confusing design and layouts. The opportunity for any marketer who is “in tune” with the principles in this special report will give you a terrific edge.

3. Make sure you create a compelling subject line when you send emails to your prospects and customers. This acts just like a headline.


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4. Make building your email database a top priority. Many marketers fall down on this challenge. Offering a free gift, or valuable report or booklet which contains valuable information is a powerful way to induce prospects who know you and love you to leave their name and contact information for your database.
5. Make your email sales letter as long as necessary to include the benefits of your products. But summarize the offer early in the email for those with short attention spans and who may wish to order early on.
6. Respond fast to inquiries or orders. Make it easy to contact you. By email, phone or fax. Make it easy to buy. Easy to get more information. But a big key to Internet success is to respond to inquiries either the same day. Or within 24 hours. Many Internet marketers make their interested prospects wait for too long. And a surprisingly high percentage don’t respond at all. [/sociallocker]

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