How To Crack Amazon In 3 Steps

If you are just getting started using Amazon Associate Program before you jump in promoting
products, there is something you should know – The Golden Rule – actually there are a handful
of golden rules you should follow that will help you make money with Amazon.

#1 The products you choose should always be over $100.

Because Amazon’s commission is only 4% for the item that sells, it’s important to sell higher
priced items if at all possible. That percentage can go as high as 8.25% if you sell sufficient
product quantities. You will make more money when high priced products sell, compared to low
priced products. Amazon allows you to sort by price making it easier to find the products you
want to sell.

#2 The products you choose should get a minimum of a 4 star review.

For success, it is key for you to promote products that have good reviews. You will get a much
higher conversion rate on products that have a good review. These days’ people like to do a lot
of research before they decide what they will buy. After all, it’s easy with the internet to review
products and find the best products. Therefore, if you are promoting products that have a low
review score people simply are not going to buy them because they know that there are better

#3 Always create a blog that’s like a review with only the best content and use text links, which
Amazon readers prefer over widgets.

If you ask bloggers who are successful with Amazon earnings they will tell you that they do best
when they do product reviews. That’s because people like to read reviews before they make
their choice. The more compelling your review the faster you will make Amazon income. It’s
really that simple.

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