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Article Hacks Templates

Here is the template that you can use in your article writing process.

Article Template #1

Title: Top 5 Mistakes to (Subject)



In life, there are bound to be many challenges and we just need to learn how to cope with them. One common challenge faced by many is (insert the problem your article is supposed to provide the mistakes for).

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Ultimate List of Free Tools For Internet Business

I am sharing with you the ultimate list of free tools for internet business.



I love, love, love dropbox. I’ve used it for a couple years and it allowed me to take my business completely paperless



Evernote is my digi- tal brain. My favorite thing about it, like Dropbox, is that it syncs between all my  different tech devices. What I save on my laptop can be found on my phone or iPad. Its search ability is off the charts. Your best bet is to search Google for an Evernote tutorial.

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How To Do Proofreading Like A Pro

Content is king. Well, you have heard this thousand times.

Writing is fun yet not everyone likes to do proofreading.

Here is a  little trick to deal with it

Go to the link below.

Watch and implement it.

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