Article Hacks Templates

Here is the template that you can use in your article writing process.

Article Template #1

Title: Top 5 Mistakes to (Subject)



In life, there are bound to be many challenges and we just need to learn how to cope with them. One common challenge faced by many is (insert the problem your article is supposed to provide the mistakes for).


While some people are able to deal with this pretty quickly, there are many others who have to live with this problem for the rest of their lives in misery.

Perhaps, you might be wondering what could be the differences that differentiate those who succeed and those who fail. And maybe you’ll

like to find out what can you do in order to ensure you eventually end up

among the list of successes?


Well, here’s a quick secret to success you need to know. You need to create a plan so that you’re able to implement all the steps that are required in order to succeed. So if you’re really committed to be good at (enter subject), you must be willing to do whatever it takes.


Here are 5 mistakes to help you succeed at (enter subject).


Mistake #1: (enter mistake)

You might be wondering why this is essential.

Here’s why:

(enter elaboration for mistake 1)


Put # of mistakes that you want to include in your article  and follow the format.



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