8 Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing.

Theoretically all persuasive copy has it own fundamental.
There are 8 elements and they are:

1. Get their attention

For this part, you have to be different than everybody else in your chosen market.

Be controversial. Show them the current study about their problem. Present them in facts and figure.
2.Focuses on the customer

Don’t talk about how great is your product. Tell them how you can help them to achieve their goals, solve their problem.


3.Stresses benefits

Do you best in this part. What are benefits of your product/services. Describe them clearly.

4.Differentiates your product from the competition

USP -unique selling proposition is the key. The shortcuts to execute this is to spy your competition.


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Do differently than their product and services.
5.Proves its case.

Get your testimonials and case studies if you have one to support this area.
6.Establishes credibility.

Get your facts right and unquestionable. Social proof will play an important role to boost your credibility.
7.Builds value.

Deploy the FREEMIUM method where you giveaway top-notch contents that they can consume right away to solve their problem.
8.Closes with a call to action.

Nothing happens if there’s no sales in your business.

Make a bold CALL TO ACTION.



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