5,000 Year Old Persuasion Formula

Regardless of the stage of awareness of your market, or whether you

use a direct benefit in your headline or not,

you can lose that valuable attention in an instant, before converting it to interest.


AIDA(Attention, Interest,Desire, Action)starts with your main headline.

You can apply these 4 steps.

1 – Add some urgency – You want your prospects to read your marketing message and take action NOW, don’t you? So
punch up your main headline with a pre-head that tells your reader why doing so is in his or her best interests.

2 – Credentialize the speaker – People are naturally skeptical, so put some reasons why the person who is speaking the main headline knows what he or she is talking about in the pre- head. This adds power and believability to the claim or promise made in the main headline.

The pre-head is the perfect place for this, because you generally don’t want your main headline and deck copy weighed down with credibility elements.


3 – Set up a Controversy – State conflicting opinions from rival camps in your pre-head.
4 – Make a promise – We saw earlier how in certain stages of market awareness, a main headline without an obvious promise or benefit often out pulls the traditional direct benefit headline.


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Play up the claim made in the main headline

“Arguably the greatest____________________ in our generation:”


Offer the reader a “this for that” transaction

“Give me just____________________             , and I’ll give you____________________”


State a condition

“If you can____________________  , then you can____________________”


Call out your audience

“ATTENTION ____________________      , prepare to discover____________________”


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